Salt Lake City 2009

Salt Lake City Marathon 2009

Stephen’s Salt Lake City Marathon race report

Executive Summary:

Marathon #10, state #7 complete
A Plan: Finish in 4:15
B Plan: Beat my Eugene Marathon PR (4:22:21)
C Plan: Beat NYC Marathon time (4:27:42)

Additional: Run the entire race without any walking. I was not successful here, as my knee locked up just after mile 24, and I didn’t get it loose again until just after mile 25. The only walking I did was during this period to work my knee out, so I feel pretty good even with this failed goal.

Actual: 4:23:33

Weather:Low 40s at start, 50s at finish. Most of the race was partly cloudy, but the clouds cleared by the end. Wind was calm until the last few miles – I believe around mile 20 we had fairly strong wind, but once we turned and faced the capital it was no longer a problem.

Expo:The expo was a bit disappointing. It seemed smaller than it was in 2007 (when I ran the half). I did get some clothing on sale, but I was hoping to get some more of my dual layer Wright socks, and none were to be had.

Course:The SLC Marathon course is a point to point course with a net elevation loss. Most of that elevation loss occurs during the first half of the course, but there are some mild climbs mixed in as well. Since all of my training has been focusing on AR50 (2 weeks prior), all of my training focused on climbs, not drops, and my quads and knees paid for this.

Support:While Devine has been getting pounded in the press for not paying their bills (in fact, the permits for the course weren’t provided until Friday night before the race!), the aid stations were close together and well supplied. I was expecting watered down Gatorade, but it didn’t seem to be. My only complaint was that some of the aid stations had disposable plastic cups instead of paper, so the “pinch and drink” method didn’t work with them. The post-race food was the sparsest of the 10 marathons and three ultras I’ve done – while there were drinks, the food was pretty well limited to bananas.

Altitude:The course started at about 4,800’, and finished at 4,247’. I was expecting the altitude to have a minor impact, and I believe that was correct. The only times I felt any altitude difference was during the uphill sections – the air did seem a little thin. I don’t believe altitude had a material impact on this race.

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Salt Lake City 2007

2007: Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon - I ran this with my good buddy Cordell Perigo.

Well, Cordell and I didn't break any speed records, but we had a blast! Cordell finished his first 1/2 marathon even with a short training program, and we had a great time run/walking in Salt Lake