American River 50 Miler

American River 50 2009

Stephen’s American River 50 Ultra-Marathon race report

Executive Summary:

Ultra-Marathon #3 complete
A Plan: Finish in 11:35
B Plan: Finish in 12:00
C Plan: Beat the cutoff (12:59:59)

Actual: 12:11:43.0

Weather:About 50 degrees at start, 65 degrees at finish, sunny with very little wind. Ideal race conditions, although started to get a little warm at the end.

Course:The course started at the Guy West Bridge (near Sac State) in Sacramento, and went towards Sacramento for a 2.5 mile loop, then went all the way to Auburn, ending at the Auburn Dam Overlook). The first 18 miles is on the paved “American River Parkway” multipurpose trail. From there, we veered off to the Nimbus Dam Overlook, then back onto the Parkway, then up some trails to the bluffs above Lake Natoma, then back on the Parkway to Beals Point (mile 26). From Beals Point we took a dirt path detour around the closed levy and ran to Granite Bay Park. The remainder of the course was semi-technical single-track trail.

Support:13 Aid stations were spaced between every 2-6 miles. Most aid stations had both food and drink support, although a couple were mainly liquids. Overall, the aid station support was very good – we never ran out of fluids, and we were able to eat what we needed when we needed it. Even finishing at the back of the pack, the finish line support was great, and lots of post race food was available for those who could keep it down.

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